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Form Number Form Title
900XM Tax Exempt Manufacturing Application
901 Business Personal Property Rendition
901-F Freeport Exemption Declaration
901-P Business Personal Property Rendition – Petroleum Related
901-IP Intangible Personal Property Exemption
904 Sch. 3 Replacement Cost Less Normal Depreciation
904-A, Sch. 3-A Replacement Cost Less Normal Depreciation
904-3-P Petroleum Related Asset Listing
905 Storm Shelter Exemption Application
921 Oklahoma Application for Homestead Exemption
924 Oklahoma Agriculture Personal Property Rendition
924-B Individual Personal Property Boat Dock Rendition
930 Oklahoma Application for Veterans Exemption – Household Personal Property
932 Manufactured Home Special Waiver and Commercial Move Affidavit
935 Oklahoma Household Personal Property Rendition
935MH Manufactured Home Personal Property Rendition
952 Application for Manufactured Home Personal Property Exemption
954-A Oklahoma Freight Car Tax Per Diem Earnings Only
954-B Oklahoma Freight Car Tax Affidavit
974 Informal Protest to County Assessor
976 County Board of Equalization Formal Appeal
450 County Clerk Affidavit – Board of Equalization
451 County Assessor Affidavit
987 Application for Ad Valorem Exemption – Religious
988 Application for Ad Valorem Exemption – Charitable
988-A Oklahoma Report Charitable Residential Renter Accommodations
988-S Application for Ad Valorem Tax Exemption for Nonprofit Schools and Colleges
989 Notice of Protest and Request for Hearing in the Court of Tax Review for the State of Oklahoma Tax Commission
990 Oklahoma Payment of Taxes Under Protest Due to Pending Appeal
994 Application for Property Valuation Limitation and Additional Homestead Exemption
998 Application for 100% Disabled Veterans Property Tax Exemption
998-A Application for 100% Disabled Veterans Household Personal Property Tax Exemption
998-B Application for 100% Disabled Veterans Exemption Acquired Homestead Property
Application for Surviving Spouse of Veterans Deceased in the Line of Duty Property Tax Exemption
Application for Surviving Spouse of Veterans Deceased in the Line of Duty Acquired Homestead Property
999 Application for Agricultural Land Conservation Adjustment
DS-1 Monthly County Return of Documentary Stamp Sales


Contact Information
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County Assessor
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